TrialJodie Milsom – Registered Homeopath L.C.P.H

I qualified in 2006 from the London College of Practical Homeopathy.

Prior to qualifying as a Homeopath, my background has been in Residential Social work with children with disabilities and behavioural problems, and latterly in Sports Therapy.

Both professions have helped me greatly in my practice as a homeopath. Working as a social worker provided me with a level of empathy and understanding of children with varied abilities and needs. During my ten years in this role, I  gained invaluable experience of many complex conditions such as autism/Aspergers, cerebral palsy and epilepsy and their effect on both the children themselves and their families.

As a Sports Therapist my role was to assist people out of pain combining deep tissue massage and practical advice on posture, stretching and injury prevention . I worked closely with a team of experienced Physiotherapists, Pilates Instructors and Osteopaths. Working in this environment, greatly furthered my clinical and medical knowledge, though ultimately inspired me to deepen my knowledge on health and how, we as individuals, interpret ill health and pain. This lead to my journey to re-train as a Homeopath

My first experience of homeopathy came when I was in my early twenties. After 10 years of suffering the aftereffects of glandular fever, I had tried many different approaches to regain a sense of well being and raise my energy levels, with little success. A colleague, who was a great advocate of homeopathy, inspired me to try the therapy. Homeopathy quite literally changed my life. The positive effect it had on my health and general well-being was dramatic.

Becoming a mother has been my greatest gift and the greatest inspiration in my work. Having my children has given me such insight on how to observe the delicate process of each human being in its own right; to recognise individual characteristics, needs and experiences  and to respect them in their uniqueness. My children have been raised on homeopathy and have taught me its value in times of need and helped me to trust the process of the bodies ability to process illness with a helping hand from the remedies. I have seen with my own eyes what emerges from this in my own children, which is vitality and strength in all areas.

Since qualifying I have explored different avenues of practice in Homeopathy, my love and passion has been found in studying a very specific technique of Homeopathy. This technique emerged after many years of research, from a group of experienced medical Homeopathic doctors, in Mumbai, India . Their work has led to a new level of understanding in homeopathy.  “The Sensation Method” is the method I primarily employ, and has brought the most significant benefits to my patients. This technique has proven to be a more accurate and personalised approach of Homeopathy.

My studies have taken me all over the world particularly to India and Germany, to witness these dedicated and experienced Indian doctors deliver their knowledge and understanding of this method of homeopathy. My work with homeopathy  inspires me daily, and allows me the privilege of a greater understanding of the human condition.

Homeopathy offers us the ability  to heal and move forward with vitality. To  change and break old patterns that inevitably make us unwell. It’s not our bodies that mysteriously become unwell and produce disease,  but our minds and the way we see ourselves.